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Mag Express unit

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What’s in the box?

System Overview

Used as part of the Mag Express Online monitoring system. Usually mounted at the guardhouse and used to download clocking data from the Tagtough patrol baton, after each patrol route is completed. Clocking data is then available for viewing or download from any standard web browser without having to download complicated programs or drivers.

This unit can be used for multiple sites by fitting to a supervisor vehicle with batons being downloaded when the supervisor visits each site.

There is no limit to the amount of batons or points used with this unit. By default, the unit is connected to mains power, however, in case of power outages, the unit comes standard with a 2.5 day back up battery power and can store up to 65,000 clockings if it is unable to connect to the network.

Can be purchased to upgrade from the Tagtough system as the same clocking points and batons are used with both systems.

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